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How To Connect to Octopus Deploy Local Instance

If you have a local instance of Octopus Deploy and need to connect for reporting purposes, you will need permission to access the SQL Server database Octopus Deploy is using. You will need read-only permissions to the table 'dbo.DeploymentHistory'. If you don't have access to the database and table, you can request it from your DBA.

To test your access to your local instance, open up SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS). Enter in the server name, and select your authentication type and enter your username and password if necessary, then click 'Connect'.

Once connected, you can then test querying the DeploymentHistory and RunbookHistory table. These two tables are the run history tables for Octopus Deploy.

USE OctopusDeploy
SELECT * FROM dbo.DeploymentHistory
SELECT * FROM dbo.RunbookRunHistory

If you have access, then you will see results from both of the tables, and you will see records below if any deployments or runbooks have been executed.


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