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Recruiters & Job Boards - Rant

Before I get started I just want to call out that there are some great recruiters and recruiting firms out there that I have and do work with and they are NOT in any way reflected in my rant below. (If you want to contact one of those let me know, I'll connect you.)

I'm sure most of you have experienced the occasional recruiter contacting you on linked in or via email saying 'hey I have this great job for you, let me know when you have time to chat.' Since I was laid off a few weeks ago and released my resume and status on linked in to be open this happens too many times in a day.

First off, that helpdesk job, graphic design, or sales job has nothing to do with my resume. Goes to show you they didn't actually read my resume.

If the position looks like it might be promising the first thing I'll do is ask them about the job details and the compensation package if it's a full-time and or a remote position.

If they reply...Wait, you mean after emailing me, and I respond you won't reply? Can you believe that about 70% of the time the recruiters who initially email me out of the blue do not respond?

There still hasn't been a recruiter who has answered my questions in the first response. They answer one or two if I'm lucky and then they just want to 'chat', 'connect' on the phone with me.

If I talked to every recruiter that contacted me and chatted with them, I'd never get anything done.

If you cannot provide me the salary, the job type, and the description and compensation package don't reach out.

I had one recruiter actually tell me he could not provide me the salary in writing.

That's my filter, if you can't respond to my filter questions I don't have time or want to move forward with you.

Another new tactic is texting. Who does that? Recruiters text you to let you know about a job they have? Really? Cold calling job via text.

Oh and then there are the worst ones, that call you three times in a row back to back and send you emails and then a text after that. Look, if you call me, leave a message, I'll get back to you. But for you to call me 3 times in a row from a number I don't know when I'm not expecting a call and I'm busy, I'm not going to answer.

Job boards, why don't you require a salary to post a job? This is frustrating to me because I see these complex job descriptions which typically sound like they want 1 person to do 4 jobs at once, then come to find out they only want a junior person and can't pay for one of the three jobs they want this one person to do.

Another thing Job Boards need to do is filter out the jobs when the companies aren't responding. You've applied along with a bunch of others, but no response. There should be an email that goes out to those who apply and ask, did you hear back from this employer? And if multiple people say no, take the job post down and or mark it as stagnant. There is nothing good about finding a decent job description and then watching your resume go down a black hole only to be sold to the next recruiter who texts you.

Job Boards should also only allow companies to use their submission service, (i.e. resume you already uploaded) not go to each company's own job board and fill out an entire application or fix a failed crawl of your resume.

What wild experiences have you had with recruiters? Leave them in the comments below, I'd love to hear them!


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