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SQL Saturday Jax 2023 Updates

We have a date and are planning SQL Saturday Jacksonville's 15th Anniversary event!

Since my recent but late post on how we ran SQL Saturday 2022, I wanted to post a quick update on some changes and adjustments we have made in preparation for the event this year.

Sessionize - Speaker and Session Changes

One of the requests we had after last year was to have a track for 101 sessions again, as we did back in 2019. To help with that, we decided to add a Session Level field to Sessionize for each session a speaker submitted.

We also had some pre-cons submitted, so we added a Session Length field and a session time preference, as some speakers need to head out early or get there late.

Last year, we had the speakers register through Eventbrite to select their lunch, but not everyone did or in time. To ease this issue, we decided to add the lunch selection for the speakers during the registration process.

We also needed a few filler sessions, and we asked speakers if they would be willing to do two sessions. This year we added that question in, so we can schedule the speaker for multiple sessions if we think the session fits with what we are looking for.

Here is what our 'Sessionize, Edit event, Submission fields' page looks like. I've highlighted each of the sections discussed above.

There are some new features now in Sessionize, and these new questions create a few small visuals for us to see how the event is shaping up.

Sessionize API for SQL Saturday Site

To help gain interest in the event for attendees, speakers, and sponsors, I wanted to display all submitted sessions on the SQL Saturday website like you display the schedule and sessions after you select and place them on your schedule.

First, you need to create a new API in Sessionize and name it. Select API/Embed and then click '+ Create new endpoint'.

Create a name, and then scroll down.

Click 'Advanced options' to expand the section.

Then select 'Include unscheduled sessions where possible (advanced) from the dropdown.

Also, be sure and check your 'Session Level' and 'Session Length', and then your Speaker info, photo, bio, social media, and blog site.

After you save your new API, you will need to click 'Get Code' and then add it to your SQL Saturday website.

Next, you can preview any of the lists, speakers, sessions, etc. Then copy just the URL and use that in your SQL Saturday YAML code for Submitted Sessions.

Here is where you can add your URL for submitted sessions to your event page.

That's it for now. Please reach out if you have any questions or suggestions!


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