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Octopus Insiders - DevOp's Champions

I am excited and honored to have been asked to be an Octopus Insider for Octopus Deploy. This is a new program for those passionate about DevOps in the community that shares their knowledge and experience - DevOps Champions!

One of the great reasons Octopus Deploy is so beneficial is the countless hours on nights and weekends it's given back to my family. Automation is critical, and Octopus Deploy allows you as a developer and a DBA to create solidly tested and proven CI/CD pipelines so that you can deploy in minutes and go home for dinner or to that baseball game on time.

As Octopus Insiders, we will work with the community to improve deployment automation. Supporting other DevOps professionals by sharing tips and tricks, speaking at meetups and conferences, and working with the product team

When talking to Octopus Deploy, one of the areas they asked us about was what in the community was there that they should get involved with, and I immediately said SQL Saturday and PASS Data Community Summit. (Thank you for sponsoring!) As someone who has been deploying databases for years and has seen the struggles, I know more DBAs and developers would benefit from using Octopus Deploy.

If you or your company would like more information about how we can help your deployment automation process, please get in touch with me to learn more. I look forward to being a voice to bring the same tool that saved me time and stress during deployments; too many others are still overworking!


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